lundi 22 juin 2009

The June Ministry Update

Dear friends and partners in the harvest, love greetings from Yaounde.

We thank God for being faithful to keep us strong and healthy, and for maintaining our love for his service. Here is our latest update. We pray God will greatly bless you as you read.

The Young Leader Camp

On June 22 to 28 2009, we are holding our first Young Leaders League Camp at Mvii, a village situated 180 kms/110 miles away from Yaounde. We are presently making all necessary preparations for this important event. The objective of the camp is to explore some lessons of the Leadership and Development Studies (LADS) curriculum in a different context. We also hope to help build stronger ties between young leaders, and develop their love for God and for team work. Here are some of the activities we will organize at the camp:

· Text Box:   Two Young Leaders at the village of the campBible studies: we will start every day in prayer and end every day in prayer. We wil teach basic spiritual principles like salvation, forgiveness of sins, and being lead by Christ. We will also teach young leaders how to spend time with God.

· Story Telling: Young Leaders will drink at the village's source of wisdom. Elderly people will tell stories while youths sit at the fireside.

· Farming: we will go with young leaders to the villagers’ farms and work with them.

· Sporting activities and other games: football games

· Jesus Film Showing in Bulu: Bulu is the language spoken at Mvii. We plan to show the Jesus Film to the village in their heart language, one of the evenings of the camp.

· Community work: We will clean the water spring of the village, and teach young leaders how to maintain a village water spring lean and healthy.

Please pray for safety and pray that the Spirit will lead us throughout our time at Mvii.

Pray also that The Spirit will move powerfully and that all participants will personally experience God in a very deep way.

Young Leaders Club: Year End Meeting

The 2008-2009 academic year is fast coming to an end. On Monday June 1, the Young Leaders Club held its last weekly meeting. They invited the school Principal and administrative staff, and presented a summary of their activities this academic year. They also organized a show that included dancing, poems, testimonies and games. Here are two extracts of the testimonies.

1. Donald Agassoh: “When I first heard of the Young Leaders Club, I really had no interest in it. Nevertheless, I decided one afternoon to go and see what their meeting looks like. I ended up liking every minute of it. I was immediately hooked to the vision of the club. That is where I experienced a deep transformation inside of me through Christ. And the YLC did more. It helped the transformation within me to bear fruit in concrete actions of love and responsibility toward our school community and toward people in general. My faith in Christ has grown so much …”

2. John Bissohong:The Young Leaders Club has aroused the leader in me. At the beginning of the school year, I lacked confidence, and I didn’t really feel good about myself. You could easily notice this when you spoke with me. I could seldom speak audibly, not to talk about daring speak to an audience. My classmate nicknamed me “miss”, saying I am shy like a girl. But through the young Leaders Club, I have learned the lesson of boldness. I have learned that leaders go FORWARD! As we say in our motto. And you can see for yourself that, I can presently speak to an audience like you, even without notes. I have learned through the YLC that, we “… did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear…”