jeudi 15 juillet 2010

Feedback On Young Leaders Camp

Sunday July 04 was the end of the Young Leaders Camp at Mfomakap, in the outskirts of Yaounde. 47 youths attended the camp. As you already know, the theme of the camp was "A driving force to transforming you community". We talked about personal transformation, and about community transformation. Young Leaders (YL) were challenged to let the Lord transform their lives and character so that they can become agents of change. Looking at their young age, (10 to 19 years) one might think they are too young contribute to changing their communities; but when we asked them to brainstorm on community transformation initiatives they could carry out, we were amazed to see their creativity. They were able to see community transformation projects everywhere in their environment, starting with the camp site.

You probably remember that we prayed for personal transformation to take place in the lives of the campers. And the best way to measure that is to find out if parents have observed any changes in their children's lives since they come back from the camp. Victor received a phone call a few days ago (July 10) from a mother of three campers. She was so thrilled with the exciting and detailed account of what happened at the camp, and she wanted to say thank you for the surprising positive influence she can see in her children after the Camp. "You can tell they believe in a better the Nation's future" she said. The Lord certainly answered our prayers.

Below are nine snapshots of our activities we selected to share with you.


Getting ready to lead the worship time

Bible Study on personal transformation


Adventure time: walking in the countryside


Do It Yourself workshop: YLs learn to make penholders with recycled materials

Learning to plant sweet potatoes


YL are learning the process to make bricks

Community service: clearing the entrance of Village Chief's Office


Story telling around the fire in the night

Family picture at the end of the Camp with Dr & Mrs Adadevoh, President International Leadership Foundation.