vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Dear friends and partners in Christ,

Receive our greetings from Cameroon. The year 2009 is fast coming to an end. In this update we are looking back and praising God for the opportunities and challenges he gave us this year. There is no way we could love and serve the Lord as we do, without the encouragement we draw from knowing friends like you. Thank you for your love and interest in our life and service to Jesus-Christ.

Family Blessings

Let's start with the family. One year-end resolution last year was to read through the Bible this year as a family. The challenge was to read 3 to 4 chapters every evening; we thought this will help us learn as well as teach the Bible to the children. We want to praise God that we have faithfully sat down every evening for about 30mns to do the family Bible reading. We missed the reading a few times, but we always caught up the next day. We are not yet at the end, but we trust God that we will remain faithful until the 31st of December. It has been a very rewarding and uplifting spiritual exercise for the whole family. Another great blessing we praise God for is the birth of Victor Emmanuel last July 28. His siblings call him Baby Prince, and they enjoy playing together. One word describes Baby Prince, as we can read from his behavior, and that word is confidence






Building the Young Leaders League (YLL) label

Last July was the end of our first Young Leaders Club (YLC) activities for the academic year 2008-2009. For a first experience we are so happy to see what God helped us achieve. The YLC won the school's Best Club Award for the academic year 2008-2009. The Principal was so happy with our impact on the youths. Last June, at the end of the academic year he made the following comment: "The YLC is making a difference on our school, and this is not because of the projects it has done, but I can see the positive impact on its members. I wonder what should be done in order to impact more students with your servant leadership principles". Victor seized the opportunity of this comment by the Principal to ask if we can teach the Leadership And Development Studies (LADS) in classrooms this year, which he accepted. Praise God, we are presently teaching LADS in a few classes.

An impact story

Claude is a YLC member since last year. After being trained in servant leadership last academic year, he went to spend holidays with his family in Doume, a small town in the East province of Cameroon. His mother noticed many positive changes in his son's life. Amazed at the transformation she saw in her son, Claude's mother asked him what had happened to him. Claude explained he had joined the YLC in his school that teaches leadership based on biblical values. He even shared the Four Spiritual Laws (CCC brochure that explains how to receive Christ as personal Savior). He also talked about Victor and Florence who are coaching YLC members. Claude's mother was so happy with him that when he travelled back to Yaounde for the new school year after his holidays, she sent a tin of honey and a bunch of plantains to us to show her appreciation.

Season's greetings from the Manyims: Victor, Florence, Karis, Ester, Debora, and Victor Emmanuel